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Go vote on my art!

2009-07-20 19:02:01 by Lock3

Seriously people it's good, and it needs some attention!

New Art!

2009-06-30 19:40:58 by Lock3

I now have some new art!!!

New level!

2009-06-25 13:17:33 by Lock3

I'm now a Portal Security officer!


2009-06-24 16:27:37 by Lock3

I just got to lvl 9!!!


2009-06-22 23:29:09 by Lock3

I just remembered about the 600 other people who get blammed everyday! Now I'm not so sad!


2009-06-21 11:48:59 by Lock3

I have a few ideas about how to improve newgrounds. First, Members should be able to see if anyone is online, so we could now know why people aren't talking. A few other ideas are a button that lets us see our page through the eyes of administers.

Join the CC Club!!!

2009-06-20 18:53:22 by Lock3

It's open to anyone who loves Castle Crashers!!! I'm the white Knight~You can be any color you want. For pictures, ask likitty for them!

Join the CC Club!!!

New Art Posts

2009-06-19 22:32:19 by Lock3

Hey guys, I'd love if you'd go and scout me out!! I have a new submission, this one is a sketch of a doberman.

Review of Counter Strike: Source

2009-06-19 11:50:08 by Lock3

Counter Strike was one of my favorite games on the steam system until they started selling non-valve games, so right off the bat I knew I would love it! At first, the nostalgia makes playing it an un-imaginable awesome feeling, until the AI snipes you in the face. Then you really get down to buissness. Wheter you are CT or T, you always want to know where the bomb is. You always want to be able to see your team, and stay in a squad formation.

Sadly, the lack of Campaign, is just annoying, even though if you are offline you can still play with bots. Through and through, I would give Counter Strike: Source, a 4 out of 5.

Hey Guys!

2009-06-18 22:44:41 by Lock3

Do me a favor and support Newgrounds, click on th ads on my page! Do me a favor too by not flamin me anymore COUGH mrCock COUGH!